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Extreme crossed the Nevelskoy Strait on the Niva

26.03.2019 67 просмотров

Yamal traveler Andrey Menshikov and his wife got from Khabarovsk to Sakhalin.

According to the extreme sportsman, he made his first attempt this year to get from the mainland to the island on ice in January. However, the weather got in the way. He decided to return to Yamal and left the car in Khabarovsk.

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Already this month, Andrey and his wife returned to the city, reached the village of Lazarev, where they got to the smelt festival, watched the ice fishing competitions.

Then the travelers went out onto the ice. They drove during the day and slept in the car at night. The day before, they had overcome only 300 meters, as ice hummocks had formed, which had to be broken with shovels.

Today the couple safely arrived at Pogibi. In this abolished Sakhalin village, several people live who warmly welcomed the guests. The family plans to travel around the entire island and arrive in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. However, there is one obstacle. There are practically no roads in Pogibi, the inhabitants move on snowmobiles.

Recall that in 2016 Andrey Menshikov took part in the expedition, which was included in the Russian Book of Records. They passed along the Laptev Sea on a Mitsubishi L200 and reached the northernmost point of the mainland of Russia - Cape Chelyuskin.

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