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Eco-sports competition took place in the Katunsky Reserve

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March 4, on the territory of the central estate of the Katunsky Biosphere Reserve in the village. Ust-Koksa for the fourth time, the eco-sports competition "Reserved Ski Track - 2021" was held. 

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The event dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the reserve was held with the aim of promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, promoting skiing, respect for nature and attracting public attention to the problem of reducing the number of Siberian musk deer.

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Athletes-skiers and just fans of this sport from all over the region gathered at the competition . Children's teams were represented from Ust-Koksinsky, Katandinsky, Kaitanaksky, Tungursky, Kastakhtinskaya, Ognevskaya, Kurundinskaya and Verkh-Uymonskaya schools. Of the adults, teams from Taldinsky, Ust-Koksinsky, Katandinsky, Amursky rural settlements, the Ust-Koksinsky College of Industry Technologies, the Department of Education, the Kolobok Active Recreation Center, as well as representatives of other organizations of the region, took an active part in the races.

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< br> In the official part of the event, congratulatory and parting words were delivered to the participants by Tamara Shadrina, Deputy Head of the Administration of the Ust-Koksinsky District, as well as Anna Maimanova, Deputy Director of the Katunsky Reserve for Environmental Education, and Boris Ognev, trainer and teacher of the Ust-Koksinsky Youth Sports School. The soloist of the Regional House of Creativity and Leisure in the village of Ust-Koksa Aidar Butushev gave a musical greeting.

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14 sets of medals were played in individual races. There are two sets of cups in the relay among women's and men's teams. The age of the athletes who took part in the races ranged from 6 to 63 years. In total, about 130 people ran along the track. The event once again showed that skiing is gaining momentum and becoming popular among residents of the Ust-Koksinsky district.

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It is worth noting that this year's relay was held in the biathlon format, but instead of shooting at targets, the participants had to respond to questions about the flora and fauna of the Ust-Koksinsky region, and for incorrect answers, athletes were given penalty loops.

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Activists of the Youth Club of the Russian Geographical Society and employees of the environmental education department of the reserve presented intellectual and educational playgrounds, where everyone could test your knowledge of geography, about the protected system of Russia and nature Mountain Altai.

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The winners of individual races received medals and diplomas from the organizers, the winners of the relay race became the owners of cups, and all other participants were awarded letters of thanks and memorable prizes.

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Katunsky Biosphere Reserve expresses gratitude for the help in holding the event to the Administration of the Ust-Koksinsky District, the Border Department in the village of Ust-Koksa and personally to the trainer-teacher of the Ust-Koksinsky Youth Sports School Boris Kupriyanovich Ognev.

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