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Drone Championship kicked off in Turkey

29.07.2019 127 просмотров

The third stage of the tournament takes place in Cappadocia as part of the Teknofest event.

More than 30 licensed UAV racers took part. The final will take place at Sultanahmet Square in Istanbul. The winners will represent the country at the World Championship in unmanned aerial vehicles. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology of Turkey Mehmet Fatih Kacir. 

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The UAV Association noted that drone racing attracts a huge number of participants of different age categories every year.

Let's add that drone racing is a race of aircraft in a manual format. They are carried out in any suitable place. However, the main condition for their implementation is desertedness. It must be observed to ensure safety. 

The route is marked with ribbons and flags. Drones line up on the launch pad, after which the signal is given to start the "check-in". Drones are controlled by operators. Usually this is the drone owner himself or a certain person from the team that participates in the competition.

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