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Dog racing "Beringia" can get into the world book of records

05.03.2018 96 просмотров

The racing track of the Kamchatka dog race "Beringia" is the longest in the world. It is more than 2 thousand kilometers.

The route of "Beringia" is laid from the Kamchatka village Milkovo to the Chukotka village Markovo. 

Meanwhile, on the occasion of the start of the race, about 7 thousand people gathered at the departure point for mushers and their teams. 

In total, 30 athletes take part in this sporting event. At the initial stage, selection takes place on a short 10-kilometer parkour. During the competition, the future leaders of the big race are determined. It is noteworthy that the race is quite popular, since among the competitors you can find a native of Moscow and even one Polish citizen. The first competition lasted 26 minutes. As a result, the victory went to A. Semashkin from Petrovavlovsk. The second place was unexpectedly taken by a woman - N. Orekhova, and the Moscow musher V. Demchenko came third to the finish line. The organizers of the sporting event provided prizes for the winners - including puppies of the northern husky breed. 

Their pets had to go through a sprint distance of ten kilometers. Most of the participants represented eight municipalities of the Kamchatka Territory, but one participant in the race came from Moscow, another from Poland. Twenty-six minutes later the winner was determined. 

The multi-thousand-kilometer race starts on March 11, not far from the village of Milkovo, where they are already preparing to welcome guests. The program of the upcoming event includes a concert. It is possible that at this - the most difficult stage - of the selection, the team from Anadyr will also join the participants of the competition, which was late due to force majeure for the start of the sporting event. 

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