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dividing line will appear at the top of the Chomolungma

12.05.2021 40 просмотров

China is planning to set up a dividing line atop Mount Everest to prevent the spread of the coronavirus through climbers climbing the mountain's southern slope from Nepal.

The installation of the dividing line is expected to be completed in mid-May before this season's climbers reach the summit of Chomolungma, officials said May 9 at a local epidemic prevention meeting.

The decision comes days after several international climbers and Nepalese Sherpa guides have tested positive for COVID-19 at Chomolungma base camp on the Nepal side.

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According to the captain of the Sonam Tibetan climbing team, no coronavirus has yet been detected on the Chinese side of the mountain.

"Based on research and evaluation, the decision has been made not to cancel the climbing season this year. At the same time, the Tibetan climbing team will take strict separation measures at the top of Mount Qomolangma to avoid contact of people climbing the mountain from the northern slope , with people from the southern slope," he said.

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"The Tibetan Mountaineering Authority is paying increased attention to the surge in cases of COVID-19 on the southern slope of Nepal's mountain, and has tightened epidemic prevention and control measures. We will focus on fighting the epidemic at the top of the mountain as climbers climb the mountain from two slopes. The summit is the only place where climbers from both sides can meet, there is no way for them to cross on their way to the summit," Sonam explained.

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He assured that the Tibetan Mountaineering Authority is taking precautions to prevent the risk of COVID infection -19.

"We sent workers to disinfect camps, tents, canteens, toilets and other public places daily. Those found to have an abnormal physical condition will be taken to a medical observation room 100 meters from the base camp. If the condition is severe, we will send the patient to the local epidemic prevention and control authority," he said.

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