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Cycling marathon in honor of women will be held in Uzbekistan

09.11.2019 141 просмотров

Anyone can become a participant in the race, which will take place in Tashkent today.

The motto of the competition is "The role of women in the development of sustainable and inclusive transport."

A check-in on
self-made fireballs
Checked that even those who do not have a bicycle can become a participant in the marathon. It can be rented. To do this, you only need to have an identity card with you. 

Check-in starts at 15:00. The place of departure is the Humo Arena Ice Palace.

Recall that in August a night bike ride was held in Tashkent in honor of the 28th anniversary of the independence of the republic. Only registered participants gathered over 300 people. However, there were those who joined spontaneously. 

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