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CSKA athletes took 43% of all Olympic medals won by Russia

23.02.2022 130 просмотров

CSKA athletes will be nominated for awards at the Olympics in Beijing.

CSKA athletes who competed at the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing will be nominated for awards.

“CSKA athletes won 43% of all medals won, and I  I think it’s a good success, - said Artem Gromov. — There were probably high expectations for some sports, but unsuccessful performances will be dealt with by coaching staffs. Considering that military ranks are awarded by the Minister of Defense, on our initiative, we made presentations. But I don't think there will be any surprises.

“The list of proposals has been approved, and presentations have been prepared for all athletes, we will try to mark everyone, this is a long tradition. We try to celebrate not winners only, but  everyone who took part in the Games. After all, it happens that a fraction of a second, centimeters, points, and so on was not enough. These are the Olympic Games, and participation in them speaks of that he is a strong athlete and an outstanding personality,  added the source of the agency, noting that in addition to the state and departmental awards, as also extraordinary military ranks, athletes receive cash prizes.

Kondratyuk made me happy

Speaking about memorable moments of the Games, Artem Gromov b>tagged the figure skater Mark Kondratyuk. “We were pleased with our pupil Mark Kondratyuk, a guy who came to CSKA at the age of 10 and literally last year moved from the school to the full-time sports team. And he winned gold in team competition. Moreover, his contribution to these medals was quite large, he completed the task more than 100 percent and helped the team win the first place by a wide margin. This is a young and novice athlete, our pupil from the very roots, ”said the agency’s interlocutor.

Artem Gromov also commented on the performance of biathlete Eduard Latypov, who won three bronze medals in Beijing. “During the Games, we try not to communicate [with the athletes], there is a coaching staff on site, with whom we will definitely communicate upon return, - said Artem Gromov. — Relay is a team fight, that race touched everyone, but it would be more offensive if we were not caught on bronze. The guys got together, finalized, at least there is bronze. But we don't consider it as a drama, it is a question that needs to be dealt with, what went wrong that is the coaching staff's job to deal with.'

At the Olympic Games in Beijing, 61 CSKA athletes competed in 12 disciplines.

The Russian team won 32 medals (six gold, 12 silver, 14 bronze) at the Beijing Olympics and took second place in the total number of awards, losing to only Norwegians (37). The winner of the medal standings was the Norwegian team, which won 16 gold, eight silver, 13 bronze medals, the Russian team took ninth place. The second place was taken by the German team (12-10-5), the third place was taken by the Chinese team (9-4-2). The Beijing Olympic Games were held from 4 to 20 February.

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