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Cross-country motorcycle and car racing starts in Dubai

20.02.2021 182 просмотров

The races are led by a Saudi and a South African.

In Saudi Arabia on February 20, cross-country race Dubai International Baja (International Baja Dubai-2021) started.


Yazid al-Raji, race car driver, Saudi Arabia:

"We're going well, but we could do better. We had one puncture at mile 30. "Unfortunately, I quickly ran out of water. And there is nowhere to replenish the supply before the 140th kilometer! And yet we did it, and my partner Mikael, as always, is on top!"


Aaron Mare, motorcycle racer, South Africa:

"I feel good. And I still have strength! So "I'm ready for the next day's race. I already beat a few guys on the track. I think I beat Sam at the end of today's race too. So this day brought me good luck, for sure!"


In 2018, Yazid Al Raji became the overall winner of the Silk Road Marathon. For the first time, the International Baja motorcycle and quad classification appeared in 2016. The race consists of one organizational and two racing days. During this time, races will be held for 3 distances on two "rings" in the Al Qudra desert near Dubai.


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