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Cricket Federation created in Uzbekistan

09.12.2019 33 просмотров

The main goal of this organization is to popularize and develop a new sport.

In addition, the Ministry of Justice registered the research center "Maqom Maktabi".

The Ministry of Justice of the country reports that this Federation was created for the further development of the art of maqom in Uzbekistan, the formation of an art repertoire in accordance with the requirements of the time.
< br> In October it became known that in the republic in every specialized boarding school of the Olympic Rugby departments will be created in Uzbekistan. 

The main objectives of the new program for the development of this sport in Uzbekistan are to increase the efficiency of the selection of talented sports youth and the quality organization of the educational and training process in rugby, as well as the popularization of the game and active involvement young people in sports clubs.

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