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Created cartoons on football players of Uzbekistan

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The players of the national team of the republic at the Asian Cup were portrayed by the famous cartoonist of Jordan Omar Momani.

He became famous for his drawings of the most popular football players of our time. He posts cartoons on Instagram. Now Momani is closely following the 2019 Asian Cup. A caricature of goalkeeper Ignatiy Nesterov and striker Eldor Shomurodov appeared on his page.

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“Uzbek stars Nesterov and Shomurodov,” Omar signed the picture. Previously, the artist laid out caricatures of other participants in the competition.

So, he depicted the leader of the Iranian national team Serdar Azmun, whom the artist called "prince". The victory of the Jordanian team in the match with the Australian team was not left without attention.

The Asian Cup is held in the United Arab Emirates from January 5 to February 1, 2019.

After two matches, Uzbekistan scored six points and ahead of schedule secured access to the playoffs. Tomorrow will be the third game in group F. The team led by Hector Cooper will compete for first place with the favorites of the quartet - the national team of Japan.

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