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Consulate General of India in St. Petersburg offered to hold yoga master classes in Murmansk

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Consul General of India in St. Petersburg Arun Kumar Sharma offered to hold regular yoga master classes in Murmansk.

  We are ready to organize yoga master classes in Murmansk, as yoga has now more and more fans  — the diplomat told reporters.

Sharma also said that the consulate is ready to help with the organization of the celebration in the city of International Yoga Day, which has been celebrated since 2016 by the decision of the UN on June 21. "It will be good if this holiday becomes massive" — he said.

The Consul General thanked the organizers of the festival of Indian culture and expressed his readiness to support the event in the future.

The festival has been held in the capital of the Arctic for the past seven years and gathers hundreds of spectators, they said at the Vedic Culture Center of Murmansk, which organizes the event. It involves Murmansk yoga studios, Indian dance schools, the local Society for Krishna Consciousness, followers of the Indian health science of Ayurveda, lovers of Indian cuisine, music and literature.

The Chariot Festival traditionally becomes the brightest event &mdash ; one of the most ancient in India. In his homeland, in the city of Puri, three huge chariots with the deities of Jagannath are carried along the streets, the celebration gathers up to a million guests. In  Murmansk, according to the organizers, so far only one chariot drives out onto the streets, but, like in India, accompanied by music, songs and dances. "Now the Chariot Festival takes place in many cities of the world, but in Murmansk, according to our data, — — the northernmost" — said the organizers.

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