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Construction of the 2022 Winter Games Olympic Village completed in Beijing

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The construction of the Olympic Village for the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing on June 26 was fully completed. The object was transferred to the use of the organizing committee of the Olympics. 

The Olympic Village is located on the south side of the Beijing Olympic Sports Center and consists of 20 residential buildings with a total building area of 330,000 square meters. m and is divided into two parts: residential and operating areas.

The residential area can provide 2338 beds during the Olympic Games and 1040 - during the Paralympic Games. In addition, the Olympic Village attaches great importance to the creation of a barrier-free environment. Designers and builders sought to create the most comfortable conditions for people with disabilities and, in accordance with this, they designed transport lines, selected road construction materials, planned interior furniture arrangement and developed a barrier-free intelligent service platform.

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In addition, each living space was equipped with an autonomous ventilation system with a supply function fresh air and air quality monitoring. The system can automatically adjust the amount of fresh air intake according to monitoring data to ensure indoor air quality.

"We pay even more attention to the impact of the building on people, including the impact of light, sound and water. In every room there is no traditional large ceiling lamp or chandelier, because the ambient light not only wastes too much energy, but at the same time makes people feel uncomfortable.When you wake up or sleep, when you turn on the light, your first reaction is to cover your eyes with your hand. our bedrooms don't have that kind of basic lighting. Instead, they're all fitted with wall lights," said Qu Chen, project manager for the Beijing Winter Olympics Olympic Village.

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building according to current international standards for the most energy efficient building - its thermal insulation layer is almost three to four times thicker than that of traditional buildings. At the same time, the entire building, including its underground part, is equipped with thermal insulation materials.

"We rely on only one standard set of power plants. Without heating and air conditioning, we can maintain a constant temperature and humidity in each room. Thus In this way, the energy consumption of the entire building can be reduced by about 40% compared to the traditional one," said Qu Chen.

After the Winter Olympics, the Olympic Village will be transformed into a public rental housing for highly qualified and talented workers.

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