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Chukotka "Formula 1" on reindeer sleds

05.03.2018 119 просмотров

Near Anadyr on March 3-4, a competition of mushers and their "crews" - reindeer teams took place.

Erakor-2018 is a traditional Chukchi reindeer sled race. this time the competition was held near the settlement of Kanchalan, which is located in the Anadyr region of Chukotka. As it became known to "Big Asia", 7 competitors reached the finish line. Curious. that all of them are natives of the very region of Chukotka where the competitions took place. The men's race was held on March 3 at a 1-kilometer distance, and on March 4, a 5-kilometer competition between female mushers was scheduled. (second place) and Alexander Ragtynkau. The "bronze" winner was additionally awarded with sleds from the sponsor - the Kupol Foundation and a valuable gift - a seal skin from the leadership of the Anadyr region. Stalin Ranav was the first to cross the finish line. her prize was 53 thousand rubles. She was followed by Olesya Yenkovav and Polina Ragtynkau. Curiously, silver and bronze went to the spouses of the winners of the men's competition. In addition, the ladies managed to sit on the same steps of the pedestal as their male half.

Erakor 2018 served as a pretext for holding themed winter sports games and cultural events. For example, a throat singing competition. The festival participants also took part in the competition for the best national costume. Residents of Chukotka also measured their strength in the category "The best performance of songs of the peoples of the North." /Visitors could purchase numerous products by visiting the tents of folk crafts of the indigenous inhabitants of the region. 

Now the whole of Chukotka is looking forward to the next stage of the reindeer sleigh race. They must pass in the village of Kaettyn (Bilibinsky district). 

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