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Chinese weightlifter wins Olympic gold with world record

28.07.2021 128 просмотров

The weightlifter won in the weight category up to 73 kg.

Chinese athlete Shi Zhiyongwon the Olympic Games in Tokyo in the weightlifting competition in the weight category up to 73 kg.

The Chinese athlete lifted 166 kg in the snatch, 198 kg in the clean and jerk, total - 364 kg. The total result became a new world record, the previous achievement (363 kg) also belonged to Shi Zhiyong, he also has world records in snatch (169) and clean and jerk (198).

Silver award on account of the Venezuelan Julio Mayora (346; 156+190), the third was the Albanian Bricken Tsalia (341; 151+190). For the Albanian national team, the medal was the first in the history of the team's participation in the Olympics.

Shi Zhiyong 27 years old, he is the winner of the 2016 Games in the weight category up to 69 kg. He also has three victories at the world championships.

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