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Chinese athlete Liu Shiying wins gold medal in javelin throw

06.08.2021 183 просмотров

The silver medal was won by the Polish woman Maria Andreichik, the bronze medal was won by the Australian Kelsey-Lee Barber.

Chinese athlete Liu Shiying became the winner of the javelin throw at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Her result was 66.34 m. The silver medal was won by Pole Maria Andreichik (64.61), bronze - Australian Kelsey-Lee Barber (64.56). Russian women were not represented in this discipline.

At the 2019 World Championships, Kelsey-Lee Barber won gold, Liu Shiying took second place.

In the overall medal standings of the Olympics, the Chinese team takes the first place (36-26-17), the Americans are second (31-35-31), the Japanese are third (24-11-16), the fourth - British (18-19-19), fifth - Russians (17-23-22).

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