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Chinese astronauts will give a live lecture for earthlings

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Watch the information and publicistic program "Chinese Panorama" on the TV channel "Greater Asia" (Issue 63):

  • Chinese high-thrust cryogenic engine passed first test
  • Chinese real estate market returns to sustainable development 
  • < i> The iron and steel industry reduces harmful emissions
  • China expands the list of foreign goods allowed for sale
  • Biodiesel is becoming more and more popular fuel
  • Chinese astronauts will give a second live lecture for earthlings
  • The first harvest of tea leaves is harvested in China
  • Beijing will become an international consumer center
  • Indoor ski resorts are gaining Popularity

Chinese high-thrust cryogenic engine passes first test 

China successfully conducts first long-term test of oxygen-fuelled high thrust hydrogen rocket engine. The test lasted 520 seconds and confirmed the reliability of the mechanism.


The advanced cryogenic rocket engine is designed for the main stage of the Long March-5 launch vehicles. However, specialists have to conduct at least 20 more tests before using spacecraft with a new engine.


This year, the Celestial Empire plans to send six aircraft into orbit - two manned expeditions with taikonauts, two cargo ships and two laboratory modules. It is assumed that the scientific units of the Chinese space station will be launched using launch vehicles with a cryogenic engine. 


The Chinese real estate market returns to sustainable development

The recession in the real estate market that occurred last year in China has been overcome. In January and February, investments in this area grew by almost 4% compared to the same period last year. These data are provided by the National Bureau of Statistics, stating that there are grounds and conditions for the housing market to maintain sustainable development. It was possible to change the situation for the better due to the targeted efforts of the state to stabilize prices for land and housing.


Fu Linghui, National Bureau of Statistics Spokesperson:

“It is necessary to continue to insist on the observance of the principle of “housing for living, not for speculation”, strive to stabilize land prices and build a long-term mechanism for the development of the real estate industry. Residents should be encouraged to buy or rent a home.”


Last month, in Chinese metropolitan areas, apartment prices in new buildings rose by half a percentage point compared to February 2021. At the same time, in medium-sized cities, the cost of real estate remained at the same level.


The ferrous metallurgy industry reduces harmful emissions

Metallurgical industry of China quickly reduces the amount of harmful substances released into the atmosphere. According to the China Association of Iron and Steel Industry, by the end of last year, 34 enterprises in the country began upgrading their production to achieve ultra-low emissions, and 23 of them have already completed the upgrade.

KP-63 -14.jpg

Li Xinchuang , Chief Engineer, Institute of Planning and Research of the Metallurgical Industry of China:

“China is implementing an environmental revolution in iron and steel industry. About 145 million tons of steel have already been produced in accordance with the ultra-low emission standard. In the near future, we will produce another 600 million tons of products created according to this standard. By the end of 2025, about 80 percent of China's iron and steel production capacity will have ultra-low emissions.”


about clean air has become the main direction of "green" development in the metallurgical industry. In just one year, China's key smelters reduced sulfur dioxide emissions by more than 21%, particulate matter emissions by 15%, and nitrogen oxide emissions by nearly 14%.

KP- 63-18.jpg

В China has expanded the list of foreign goods allowed for sale

Chinese residents can now purchase imported tomato juice, ski equipment, golf equipment and more without leaving home. The authorities have expanded the list of foreign goods allowed for sale. Foreign products can be bought, for example, on the Internet - on a cross-border e-commerce platform - directly from a seller from another country.


Liu, user of the E-Commerce Platform:

“I used to buy products from the category “for mother and child” on the platform. Recently, I noticed that ski equipment was included in the list. My family and many friends love skiing, but before we could only buy such equipment when traveling abroad. Now we can easily purchase it in China.”


Many local retailers say that the updated list will help them grow their business by expanding the range and new contracts with foreign sellers. Moreover, working through cross-border e-commerce platforms allows you to save on customs duties and reduce the risk of goods left in stock.


Xu Qing, PR Director, E-Commerce Platform:

“We are actively introducing new products. Over the past year, we have introduced more than 5,000 new brands on our platform.”


Since its inception in 2016, the list of cross-border retail imports has been updated several times. Today it includes almost 1500 product categories. With the increase in the scale of trade, Chinese enterprises are also improving related services. For example, the Henan Free Trade Zone has opened five warehouses to process returned goods.


Zhi Yanghui, general manager of a logistics company:< br>
“In the past, we only provided return service to five or six merchants. But the central warehouse for international e-commerce has recently been launched, and now more than 200 merchants can order this service from us.”

In 2021, China's cross-border e-commerce grew by 15% to almost 2 trillion yuan.


Biodiesel is becoming more and more popular fuel

Prices for biodiesel have increased by 50 percent compared to last year, and demand for it in China is growing. After all, it is environmentally friendly.


Yin Wangjun, waste collection and delivery manager at a biodiesel company:
< br> “Food waste is delivered to our factory, where it is processed using harmless technology. 40 trucks full of rubbish come to us twice a day. They collect waste from more than 6,000 companies.”


Every day, trucks deliver about 400 tons of garbage from restaurants and shopping centers. About 20 tons of waste vegetable oil, the main ingredient of biodiesel, can be produced from food waste. Prices for this component are rising, as well as for the fuel itself. This is because demand greatly exceeds supply.


Gu Yemin, general manager of the oil division of a bioenergy equipment company:

“The market price of raw materials for biodiesel in the first half of last year was about 7,000 yuan per ton. But since the second half of the year, it has risen sharply to about 8,000 yuan, and has now reached 9,100 yuan per ton.”

KP-63-33. jpg

Today, biodiesel fuel costs about 11,000 yuan per ton. It is also exported to Europe. According to analysts, the EU directive on renewable energy sources has further fueled interest in biodiesel, which led to higher prices. But experts believe that demand could become even higher in the near future: the supply of waste suitable for creating fuel is limited, and an increasing number of enterprises from various industries express interest in switching to environmentally friendly fuel, including shipping, which is now gaining momentum after a lull in the pandemic. COVID-19.


Chinese cosmonauts will give a second live lecture for earthlings

Crew members of the Chinese space station Tiangong will soon the second lecture will be broadcast live. Taikonauts will talk about science and space directly from orbit. Such lessons are designed to develop the interest of young people in manned flights and space research, while the content of the broadcast will be largely based on the requests and suggestions of the public.


-13" was read on December 9, 2021. The lesson of Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping and Ye Guangfu was widely broadcast, and many people were able to watch it through the Internet and the media. 

< br> The historic semi-annual mission of the Shenzhou-13 crew started on October 16, 2021. The Taikonauts are expected to return to Earth in mid-April.


The first harvest of tea leaves is harvested in China

This year, Chinese farmers expect high sales of tea leaves. This is largely due to the fact that the collection of early spring tea has already begun. The first harvest of the year is considered the most valuable and expensive. 


Zheng Meiying, farmer:

“Tea leaves this year are of very high quality. They are the right size and have good kidneys."


Residents of Xiaochuan Village in eastern Anhui Province have learned to cultivate improved varieties with richer flavors and are now selling tea at higher prices than before.

Wu Shouchun, farmer:

“We used to buy fresh leaves for up to 75 yuan per pound . This year, since the beginning of the harvest, the price has risen to 85 yuan for the same volume.”


At the same time, tea harvesting began in southwestern China. Farmers face the task of harvesting 20,000 hectares as soon as possible. Due to bad weather, workers are almost 3 weeks behind schedule.


Yang Yong, Shiqian County Official:

“We advise farmers to harvest tea leaves as quickly and as much as possible. Then it can be said with confidence that serious losses due to long periods of downtime in cold weather can be avoided.”

At present, there are 160 tea enterprises in Shiqian County, employing more than 300,000 people .


Beijing will become an international consumer center

Beijing is rapidly becoming a global consumer center. The Chinese capital follows the plan adopted last year, which provides for the creation of new trading platforms, the disclosure of the cultural and tourist potential of the metropolis. In particular, the city actively supports the opening of stores of famous international brands and small design projects: in 2021, there were almost three times as many of them as in 2020.

KP- 63-47.jpg

Go Wenjie, Deputy General Manager of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce:

“We introduced the most advanced products, offered the highest quality services, and made the city environment comfortable and beautiful. This has helped us achieve concrete results in turning Beijing into an international consumer hub so that our businesses and ordinary people can really benefit.”

KP-63- 50.jpg

Beijing's most famous pedestrian street Wangfujing last year was considered exemplary. The first phase of Universal's theme park has opened. The entertainment venue has taken its place in the city and contributed to a significant increase in demand in the hospitality and catering industries. The city has completely upgraded the electronic sales model in the Xidan shopping area. And in the Chaoyang city district, nightlife is in full swing: after sunset, Beijing residents and tourists enjoy spending time on the Liangma River.


Indoor ski resorts gain popularity

There is no warm spring sun here, but under your feet there is an ideal snow-covered slope. The indoor ski resort is packed with snowboarders and skiers. With the advent of the warm season, such sports centers in the Middle Kingdom receive more and more visitors every day. These snow parks are a great alternative to regular ski resorts, which are weather dependent.


Indoor ski center managers report that the number of customers is growing with the arrival of spring according to the Chinese lunar calendar.
< br> Wang Qun, Manager of Qiaobo Ski Resort:

“After the Spring Festival, the number of customers suddenly increased by about 30 percent. On peak days, there were 2500 visitors in the park at the same time.


China's indoor ski resorts use advanced cooling and artificial snow systems. The air temperature on the slopes invariably ranges from minus 6 to minus 3 degrees Celsius and does not depend on the weather outside. Such sports centers are popular not only in the capital, but also in the provinces, where there is almost no snow in winter.


Wang Zhiheng, general manager of Chengdu Snow Park:

"The number of our clients is growing rapidly. We have up to 7000 visitors a day."


According to statistics , the number of companies that specialize in winter holidays has grown by almost 40% in 2021.

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