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Chinese astronauts watched the Olympics in space

08.08.2021 157 просмотров

Chinese astronauts in the main module of the country's Tianhe space station watched the live broadcast of the Tokyo Olympics on TV with great interest, the China Manned Space Flight Program Office (CMSA) said.

Recall that China successfully launched the Shenzhou-12 manned spacecraft from the Jiuquan Cosmodrome in northwest China on June 17 at 09:22 Beijing time, marking the first manned mission to build a Chinese space station.
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There are three astronauts on board the ship – Nie Haisheng, Liu BomingandTang Hongbo who are on mission to build the national space station.

Although the three astronauts are very busy in space, they still had the opportunity to find free time from work to watch the Olympic Games on TV.

"It gives us a lot of pleasure while being in space," said astronautTang Hongbo.< br>
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Liu Boming noted that the Olympic Games are very exciting, especially the competitions involving Chinese athletes who always get their attention. Chinese athletes challenged themselves, achieved outstanding results and set many new records, which instilled a sense of pride and glory in the hearts of the Chinese people. "We are happy for them from the bottom of our hearts," emphasized Liu Boming.

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with tense competitions and a hard fight for prizes.At the same time, and a picture of friendly communication between athletes.Laughter and tears are hidden in them.That is the charm of the Olympic Games.The excellent performance of the athletes makes us think deeply that each person should to work hard in his office, only in this way could he earn a better life and become a more outstanding person," said Nie Haisheng.

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