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China to host green and sustainable Olympic Games

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Beijing plans to present the world's first ever carbon-neutral Olympic Games.

Less than a week away from the start of the Beijing Olympics, China is now preparing to fulfill its promise of a greener and more sustainable Winter Olympics.

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image of Beijing. What will we focus on? Sustainability. We will show the world a sustainable and environmentally friendly Games," said Gui Lin, director of the General Planning Department of the Department of Planning and Construction of Sports Venues of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee- 2022.

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Strength and durability are always the focus of attention in the construction of Olympic facilities in Beijing. And since Beijing is the world's first "double Olympic city", in this city, with the exception of the newly built National Skating Oval and the Shougan Ski Jump, all other facilities intended for the 2022 Winter Olympics are the legacy of the 2008 Olympic Games.

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In terms of "sustainability", nine ice rinks in seven sports venues use environmentally friendly refrigerants, and the National Skating Oval, the Capital Sports Palace and the Ukesun Sports Center use carbon dioxide ice production technology .

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"In the National Skating Oval, known m as "Ice Ribbon", we have pioneered a CO2 transcritical refrigeration system for ice production, which has close to zero greenhouse gas emissions, and it will also save about two million kilowatts in a few years. Moreover, the ice surface created with carbon dioxide is very even, which will create good conditions for athletes to achieve successful results," said Wu Xiaonan, director of the National Skating Oval Operations Group.
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According to the engineer, the design of the Olympic torch also reflects the concepts of sustainability and environmental friendliness, while using advanced technology.

Using a combustion system developed by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), the flame of the torch, powered by environmentally friendly hydrogen, able to burn steadily in all weather conditions and withstand strong winds and extremely low temperatures.

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"The Olympic Flame is fueled by hydrogen. The main reason we chose hydrogen is because it is one of the cleanest and most environmentally friendly fuels,” added Han Zongjie, senior engineer at CASC.

"Combustion hydrogen basically gives zero carbon emissions, and this essentially reflects the concept of the green Olympic Games and their scientific and technological achievements," said Wang Xiangyu, deputy director of the department of culture and ceremonies of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympic Games -2022.

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The Director General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) welcomed China's commitment to carbon neutrality in hosting the sporting event, while saying that he is full of confidence in the success of the upcoming Games.

"For the first time, a country hosting the Winter Olympics 2010 and the Paralympic Games, is committed to a zero-carbon event,” said Francesco La Camera, CEO of IRENA.

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This year, during the inspection of the preparations for the Games, the Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed the importance of maintaining the country's commitment to hosting a green, cooperative, open and clean Olympic Games.

In addition, to make them, as we say, "green", safe and economical, only such Games will be bright and successful," the leader of the People's Republic of China said.

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The sophia of sustainable development and environmental protection has long been welcomed by the Chinese people.
The "green" concept is gaining a lot of support at the level of the country's authorities, and this is not only in relation to the Olympic Games. This concept will be further integrated into the daily life of all ordinary people," said a local resident.

On January 17, the Chinese leader, speaking at a virtual meeting of the World Economic Forum 2022, expressed confidence that China will introduce to the world economical, safe and great winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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"Beijing will start the Winter Olympics and then the Paralympics. China is confident that the upcoming Olympics will be compact, safe and spectacular. The motto of the Games is "Together for a common future". Let's look to the future with confidence," said Xi Jinping.

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games will be held from February 4 to 20 in three competition areas - in the center Beijing, a suburban area of the capital Yanqing and the city of Zhangjiakou in the neighboring province of Hebei, while the Paralympic Winter Games are from March 4 to 13.

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