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China's Ma Tianfang wins World Go Championship

09.06.2021 72 просмотров

Russian Vyacheslav Kaymin took 11th place with four wins.

Chinese athlete Ma Tianfang won the World Go Championship with five victories. The tournament was held in Vladivostok on the Russky Island without spectators.

The second place was taken by Chan Ten (Taiwan, 5 wins), the third was taken by South Korean Kim Dabin (5) . Russian Vyacheslav Kaymin took 11th place with four wins. He performed at the World Championships under the emblem of the Russian Go Federation in connection with the sanctions of the World Anti-Doping Agency, according to which Russian athletes cannot compete under the national flag at the World Championships and the Olympic Games, and the national anthem cannot be played in their honor.

Ma Tianfang was one of the 35 participants who spoke online. A total of 57 players took part in the championship.

Go is played on a rectangular field called a goban. One of the two players receives black stones, the other receives white stones. The goal of the game is to fence off a larger territory than the opponent on the game board with stones of the same color.

The World Go Championship became the 41st in a row. The previous 40 tournaments were held only in Southeast Asia, but at the 38th session of the Presidium of the International Go Federation in Guiyang in 2017, Russia received the right to host the competition. The International Go Federation was founded in 1982. Over the past 20 years, Russian players have become European champions in this sport 15 times over the past 20 years.

The 2019 World Championship was held in China, its winner was the representative of this country Chen Wang. The 2020 tournament has been canceled due to the spread of the coronavirus infection. In 2013, Ilya Shikshin took fourth place, which is the best result of the Russians.

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