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China is confident that the virus will not interfere with the Olympics

04.01.2022 43 просмотров

The Chinese Foreign Ministry expressed confidence in the success of the Olympics, despite the spread of "omicron".

The Chinese authorities are confident in the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics, even despite the rapid spread of the "omicron" coronavirus strain in the world. Wang Wenbin, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said this on Tuesday.

“We are confident that we will be able to overcome the challenges of the spread of the omicron and bring the world a safe, brilliant Olympics,” he said  ;at briefing.

The official recalled that China has successfully counteracted the spread of the coronavirus, to combat which the country has created a “highly effective system”. “We take into account the opinions of experts and international experience, which will allow us to reduce risks, - added Wang Wenbin.

According to a Chinese diplomat, Beijing will "ensure the safety and comfort of the athletes who arrive at the Games."

The XXIV Winter Olympic Games will be held in Beijing from 4 to 20 February 2022, and Paralympics from 4 to 13 March.

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