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China completes preparations for Winter Olympics

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The International Olympic Committee assessed the preparations for the Beijing Olympics as impeccable. 

Experts inspected sports and technical facilities in three competition areas - in the center of Beijing, the suburban area of the capital Yanqing and the city of Zhangjiakou in the neighboring province of Hebei. Separately, international experts noted the barrier-free environment in the capital's sports palace and the heating zone for spectators at the Shougan ski jump. 

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"The President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, expressed his satisfaction with the preparations for the Winter Games and considers them a complete success," said Yu Zaiqing, Vice President of the International Olympic Committee. - The IOC Coordinating Commission for the Games in Beijing is constantly in close contact with the organizers of the Olympic Games in China to jointly resolve various issues. 

Chinese President Xi Jinping, speaking online at the World Economic Forum expressed confidence that the Beijing Olympic Games will be held at a high level.

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“China is confident that the upcoming Olympics will be highly organized, safe and spectacular. The motto of the Games is “Together for a common future”. Let's look to the future with confidence! - said the PRC leader.

Almost everything is ready for the Olympic Games in Beijing. A group of artists led by renowned director Zhang Yimou are finishing rehearsals for the opening ceremony. He says the show will be grand, though not as long as the 2008 Summer Olympics in the Chinese capital. 

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“The scale and duration of the show has been reduced. There will be no thematic artistic performance, and the number of actors will be significantly reduced, - said the director of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Beijing Zhang Yimou. - Nevertheless, the use of high technologies will make the performance full, harmonious and even romantic. In a word, the show will be made on the basis of advanced technologies and new conceptual ideas.”

The Winter Olympic Games in Beijing will be held from 4 to 20 February. The Paralympic Games will take place a month later, from 4 to 13 March.

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