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China celebrates National Sports Day

11.08.2021 69 просмотров

Chinese President Xi Jinping, the initiator and promoter of the concept of national fitness, emphasized that people's health is an important content for the comprehensive building of a prosperous society.

As a sports enthusiast, Xi Jinping spoke in detail about his sports passions in an interview in 2014.

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basketball, tennis and martial arts. Of winter and ice sports, I like hockey, speed skating, figure skating and other sports on the snow," said Xi Jinping.

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Always upholding the idea of national sports training, China's state leader actively promotes sports to the masses, and is also actively involved in it.

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"National sports are the basis and guarantee of strengthening one's body and leading a healthy lifestyle for all Chinese people. People's health is a key aspect of building a moderately prosperous society in every respect, as well as an important foundation for the development of each person and living a happy life," Xi Jinping emphasized.

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Sunday China celebrated its 13th National Sports Day on August 8. This tradition began in 2008 when China held the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Beijing.

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