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Chelyabinsk kayaker will go to Svalbard

22.08.2019 112 просмотров

Yuri Vazhenin intends to build the first 10-day tour of the Greenland Sea along the coastline.

The professional rower chose the route for a reason. The local Aleut people have been kayaking and hunting at sea for centuries. The trip will start from the city of Barentsburg in Spitsbergen, Norway. 

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sail on kayaks
“I was given a visa to Norway, and behind this visa is a big kayak trip to the alma mater of kayaking, the Svalbard archipelago!” Vazhenin wrote on his social media page. 

According to him, now every day will be devoted to a childhood dream, which was born from the movie "Two Captains". It has not yet been fulfilled, Yury noted.

Let us add that Vazhenin has gathered a team of like-minded people who are actively promoting kayaking in the Urals. Rowers in Chelyabinsk do not stop training even in winter.

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