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Chelyabinsk hockey school became the first in the Urals and Western Siberia

29.05.2018 47 просмотров

Chelyabinsk hockey school "Tractor" broke into first place in the regional sports rankings.

The achievements of the alma mater of young hockey players were assessed based on the results of the completed winter playing season of 2017-2018. 

hand stick, and up to the youth category. The experts reviewed the results of 42 teams from Western Siberia and the Urals. "Tractor" is recognized as the absolute leader in all respects. In addition, Traktor's pet hockey team, born in 2002, won gold this year, and Traktor's adult team won bronze. .jpg

the best school - "Salavat Yulaev", "Ugra", "Metallurg" and "Vanguard". The information was made public by the press service of HC Traktor.

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