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Champion of Europe spoke about the competition in futsal

20.06.2021 107 просмотров

European champion, bronze medalist of the world championship, futsal coach Temur Alekberov assessed the level of play and competition in Russian futsal.

“The level of Superleague teams is quite high, as evidenced by the stable participation of Russian teams in the Champions League final stages. This year "Sinara" held a stable championship, the Yekaterinburgers have real chances to win the title, but there can be no question of any hegemony. If we talk about the quality of the game of the clubs in general, then it is quite high, but in order to improve it, healthy competition in the championship is necessary. In the current situation, eight of the nine Super League teams that make it to the playoffs make it difficult to create competition. I see a way out of this situation only in increasing the number of teams participating in the championship,” Temur Alekberov said in an interview with the Dvizhenie sports radio.

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