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Biathletes of the Russian national team won Olympic silver in the relay

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The victory was won by the Swedish team, the third were athletes from Germany.

Russian biathletesIrina Kazakevich, Kristina Reztsova, Svetlana Mironova and Ulyana Nigmatullina won silver medals at the Olympic Games in Beijing in the relay 4 x 6 km.

The victory in the relay was won by the Swedish team consisting of Lynn Persson, Muna Broursson, Hanna and Elvira Oeberg. The winners covered the distance in 1 hour 11 minutes 3.09 seconds, using six extra rounds on eight firing lines and avoiding penalty loops. The Russians used 12 extra rounds, took one penalty loop and lost 12 seconds to the Swedes. Bronze medals were won by biathletes from GermanyVanessa Voigt,Vanessa Hinz, Franziska Preuss and Denise Herrmann (lag 37.4 seconds; 0 penalties + 6 extra rounds).

24-year-old Irina Kazakevich and 27-year-old Svetlana Mironova won their first Olympic medals in their careers. 25-year-old Kristina Reztsova and 27-year-oldUlyana Nigmatullina won second medals at the Beijing Games, earlier the girls became bronze medalists in the mixed relay. All girls represent CSKA.

The Swedes won medals in the relay at the second Olympics in a row, at the 2018 Games they became silver medalists. Hanna Oeberg became a two-time Olympic champion, at the 2018 Olympics she won gold in the individual race. Elvira Oeberg won her third and first gold medal at the Beijing Games, having previously won the silver medal in the sprint and pursuit. Lynn Persson andMuna Broursson became Olympic champions for the first time.

Vanessa Voigt, Vanessa Hinz and Franciska Preuss won the first Olympic medals in her career, Denise Herrmannbecame a two-time Olympic medalist in biathlon competitions. Previously, the German woman became the Olympic champion in the individual race, she also won the bronze of the 2014 Olympic Games in the women's ski relay.

The Norwegian team leads the Olympic medal standings, having won 12 gold, seven silver and eight bronze medals. The Germans are second (nine gold, six silver, four bronze medals), the Americans are third (8-7-4). The Russian team is in ninth place (4-8-9). In terms of the total number of awards, the Norwegians are in the lead (27), the Russians are in second place (21). The Olympic Games will end on February 20.

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