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Biathlete from Russia became the bronze medalist of the 2022 Olympics

14.02.2022 134 просмотров

Biathlete Eduard Latypov said that he was going to the Olympic medal from childhood.

The bronze medalist of the 2022 Olympics in biathlon in the pursuit race, the Russian Eduard Latypov, is very happy with his success, which he has been going to since childhood. The athlete told reporters about this.

The victory in Sunday's pursuit race was won by the FrenchKentin Fillon-Maillet, the Norwegian Tarja Boe finished second. “I went to Olympic medals from childhood and for many years, I am very happy about it  - said Eduard Latypov, who in Beijing previously became a bronze medalist in the mixed relay.

“The relay race is a different race and different emotions, this was the first medal. A personal medal in difficult struggle - emotions can be said to be comparable, these are emotions of happiness and joy,  - admitted the athlete.

“I handled three lines and, thank God, hit the last shot, because there was a strong gust and I shooted a little slower than Fillon-Maillet, who managed to get into this period of calm. I  only managed to fire three shots, and on the fourth I was blown out, and I had to contend with the fifth shot. The ending was tense. The race was unpredictable and  interesting, I I think it will be remembered by everyone for a long time, added the athlete, who made only one miss on four firing lines.

The Russian noticed that the race was hard for not only him. “I saw that Tarja was also tired, he at at the beginning of the race he made a gap, which didn increase further, and I understood that I was keeping the speed. On the second part of the distance, I felt more comfortable, and I had to keep this distance, to keep Lukas [Hofer] out, and then I will be able to work out the finish line, which succeeded,  said Latypov .

“I thank God that I was able to do this today, I moved towards this goal and I was able to realize everything. I I have emotions of happiness, joy and satisfaction, but I already think that I need to prepare further, there are two races ahead. We need to tune in, they are very important for us and the team. We need to save strength, go forward and fight,” concluded the two-time bronze medalist of the 2022 Games.

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