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Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Promotional Posters Released

23.09.2021 82 просмотров

Promotional posters for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games were unveiled on September 22 at the opening ceremony of Beijing International Design Week.

In order to further enhance public participation in the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and enrich the poster art styles, the Beijing Organizing Committee began collecting posters on September 21 last year.

Olympic Posters 2.jpg

11 out of 1565 entries were selected through careful evaluation. All of them are devoted to the themes of physical culture and sports, while combining elements of the Olympic movement, Chinese culture, urban landscapes, ice and winter sports, etc. into a harmonious unity.

Olympic Games Posters 1.jpg

Posters for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games are divided into official and promotional. Three pairs of six official posters have already been designed in July 2020.

Olympic Posters 4.jpg

The 2022 Winter Olympics will be held from February 4 to 20 in Beijing and Zhangjiakou, and the Paralympic Winter Games will take place from March 4 to 13.

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