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Barnaul resident intends to conquer one of the peaks of the Pamirs

13.01.2020 67 просмотров

Alpinist Alexei Usatih plans to climb Ismoil Somoni (Communism) Peak.

According to the Altai media, the ascent is being prepared as part of the Snow Leopard international project, whose participants have already conquered the highest peaks of the CIS - Lenin, Pobeda, Korzhenevskaya and Khan Tengri.

Nepalese climber sets unique
record for ultra-short time
Usatih is part of a team of 13 people. If the ascent is successful, the climber will become the first representative of the Altai Territory to conquer this height.

Ismoil Somoni Peak is one of the 50 highest peaks of the Earth - its height is 7495 meters above sea level. 

This is the highest point of the former Soviet Union. It is located in Tajikistan on the ridge of the Academy of Sciences in the Pamirs.

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