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Averina sisters received three gold medals on the last day of the World Cup stage

18.04.2021 118 просмотров

Averina gymnasts won three gold out of four on the last day of the World Cup stage.

RussiansArina and Dina Averina won three gold medals out of four on the final day of the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in Tashkent.Arina Averinawas the best in exercises with a ball and clubs, Dina Averinawon the exercises with a hoop.

The World Cup stage in Tashkent takes place from 16 to 18 April. In the first two days, medals were played in the individual and group all-around. On Sunday, the winners were determined in individual exercises.

In the exercises with a hoop Dina Averinawon with a score of 27.75 points, the second was the Italian Sofia Raffaelli (25, 40), the third - the representative of Belarus Anastasia Salos (24.70). Arina Averina in this event took fourth place (23.95).

In exercises with the ball Arina Averina excelled with a score of 28.40, the second place was taken Dina Averina (28.15), the third was a gymnast from Belarus Alina Gornosko (25.10). In clubsArina Averina scored 28.65 points, silver went to Dina Averina(28.15), bronze —Alina Gornosko (26.55) .

Alina Gornosko (22.75), the second place was taken by Sofia Raffaelli (22.10), the third - Dina Averina (21.50).

On Saturday, Dina Averina showed the best result in the all-around, second place was taken by Arina Averina, bronze went to Anastasia Salos.

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