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Athletes from Qatar and Italy shared the Olympic gold in the high jump

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Barshim of Qatar and Tamberi of Italy tied for first place in the high jump at the Olympics. Bronze went to Belarusian Maxim Nedosekov.

Qatari athlete Mutaz Barshim and Italian Gianmarco Tamberi won gold in the high jump at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Qatari and Italian overcame the bar at a height of 2.37 meters. Since the athletes used the same number of attempts, the judges decided to give both athletes first place. Bronze with a similar result of 2.37 m was won by the Belarusian Maxim Nedosekov, who used more attempts. The Russians Mikhail Akimenko (2.33) and Ilya Ivanyuk (2.30) took sixth and ninth place respectively.

Mutauz Barshim b> 30 years old, he is a two-time world champion (2017, 2019) and winner of the Asian Games (2014). Also on account of the Qatari athlete silver (2016) and bronze of the Olympics (2012). 29-year-old Gianmarco Tamberi is the world (2016) and European (2019) indoor champion.

The Qatar team, having won two gold medals, is 43rd in the medal standings.

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