Opening Asia for Russia

Athletes from Komi took 10 medals at the Asian Taekwondo Championship

04.08.2017 47 просмотров

Athletes of the Republic of Komi became winners and prize-winners of the open championship and festival of Asia in taekwondo, which they came to as part of the Russian team. The tournament takes place in the South Korean city of Incheon from 3 to 5 August.

Students of the Children's and Youth Sports School No. 5 arrived from Syktyvkar to Incheon: Vladislav Mezin, Evgenia Buraya, Vladimir Yukhov and their coach — Anatoly Chikanchi. The city of Usinsk was represented by the coach of the Children's and Youth Sports School № 1 Kirill Andreev and his pupil Nikita Pigulin.

On the first day of the Championship Nikita Pigulin took the third place in complexes, and won in  a silver award.

The second day brought four gold, two silver and two bronze awards to the athletes of the republic. Evgenia Buraya took first place in complexes and fights. Vladislav Mezin won "gold" and "silver" in complexes. Vladimir Yukhov became the first in complexes and second in duels. Kirill Andreev became the third in complexes and fights.

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