Opening Asia for Russia

Athletes from Komi go to the Taekwondo Championship in Asia

31.07.2017 44 просмотров

sportsmen from Komi will go to South Korea for the open championship and festival of Asia in taekwondo ITF. The entire composition of the Russian national team is 111 people. International competitions will be held in Incheon on August 3-5.

Students of the Anatoly Chikancha martial arts school in Syktyvkar and Usinsk already have experience of performing abroad. They won prizes more than once, including the first. In their piggy bank — medals from championships and world and European championships in Italy and Switzerland. This time, the guys will show their skills at the Asia Championship, which will start on August 1.

Events of the Open Championship and the Asian Taekwondo festival — This is a kind of Olympics. Participants will see presentations from each country and performances by foreign colleagues.

Taekwondo or taekwondo — Korean martial art, a characteristic feature of which is the active use of the legs for strikes and for blocks.

This name is made up of three words, translated into Russian meaning "trample", "fist" and "art". This is a kind of way to improvement.

Taekwondo means a system of spiritual training and learning unarmed self-defense techniques.

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