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Athletes from China will hold training camps at Russian venues

05.04.2022 61 просмотров

Handball players from China will hold a training camp in Russia as part of cooperation between countries in the field of sports.

The Chinese men's and women's teams arrived in Russia to conduct training camps and participate in friendly competitions. This was reported to journalists by the President of the Russian Handball Federation Sergey Shishkarev and the head of the Chinese Handball Association Wang Tao.


The Chinese delegation arrived in Moscow on Sunday, April 3rd. Its composition included 45 people.

“Last year, the Chinese Handball Association signed a memorandum on strategic cooperation with the Russian Handball Federation. Our trip to Russia is aimed at implementing the plans that were recorded in the framework of the memorandum. Of course, it also takes place within the year of Sino-Russian cooperation in the field of physical culture and sports , said Wang Tao.

“In Russia we will train intensively and participate in competitions, we will also invite experts from the coaching staff of the Russian national team to take part in training sessions for Chinese players. As a result of strengthening our interaction in the field of handball, the level of the Chinese team will increase and contribute to the overall development of Chinese-Russian cooperation in the field of physical culture and sports," she added.

Sergey Shishkarev noted that the visit of the Chinese delegation is the first serious event within the year of cooperation between the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation in the field of physical culture and sports. “This agreement, as you know, was signed by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and Xi Jinping on February 4, during the opening of the Olympics,” he recalled.

“Chinese athletes will get game practice, the opportunity to train according to Russian methods, and work with our best coaches, - said Sergey Shishkarev. — Work with them will be supervised by the coaches of the national teams —Velimir Petkovich and Lyudmila Bodnieva”.

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