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Athlete Wun Ho Chun crossed the Gobi in 20 hours 34 minutes

11.08.2018 107 просмотров

The winners of the annual marathon "March of the Gobi" finished in Mongolia. First place was taken by Hong Kong runner Wun Ho Chun, who crossed the finish line 20 hours and 34 minutes after the start.

Japan's Wataru Lino and Taku Wakaoka took second and third places. 

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All participants of the multi-stage competition had to cross four deserts in a few days, periodically making a stop. The main route of the race runs through the Gobi desert - hence the name of the competition. As the participants themselves note, the marathon is a test of endurance and strength, and not everyone is able to withstand it. 

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The length of the marathon is 250 kilometers, marathon runners have to run on uneven and steep terrain in any weather and at any time days, which distinguishes the Gobi March from other similar competitions. 

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The backpacks on the back of the athletes burden the running - there are things that they use during the race: tents, sleeping bags, food and water supplies and much more.  

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Athletes traditionally finish in the Mongolian city of Karakorum.

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