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Athlete, ball, sea wave - the emblem of the Asian Beach Games-2020 is presented

27.06.2020 52 просмотров

The competition is scheduled to take place in Hainan from November 28 to December 6 this year.

The Organizing Committee of the Games unveiled the design of the medals for first, second and third place. On the front side of the gold, silver and bronze awards there is an emblem of the competition, made as a stylization of the number 6 - the ordinal number of the current competition.

The emblem depicts a player, a ball resembling the sun, and a sea wave, and the name of the area where the athletes will meet - "Tanya", the southernmost point of the Celestial Empire. 

On the reverse side of each medal, the artist depicted a dragon and a phoenix, symbolizing the power of sports, and the inscription "Olympic Council of Asia". The inscription is also made on the edge of the award. It reads: “Welcome to Tianya. Where the ocean begins.”

“These awards also speak to Sanya's innovative spirit and are engraved with a message to the nations of the world. This is an invitation to take part in a magnificent event, organized with all the latest in mind. It will be held with brilliance, in conditions of excellent ecology," the organizers of TASS quoted the words of the organizers of TASS. The upcoming games should become "the quintessence of the successful development of the Hainan Free Trade Port."

The city of Sanya won the right to host in March 2019. The competition is of 16 disciplines, including swimming, basketball, water polo, handball, beach athletics, volleyball, football, rowing, surfing and sailing.

The very first Asian Beach Games were held in 2008 on the Indonesian island Bali At the same time, it was decided to hold them every two years. China already hosted beach competitions in 2012 in Shandong. In 2010, Oman became the organizer of the competition, in 2014 - Thailand, in 2016 - Vietnam.

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