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"Astana Arlans" became the most titled WSB club

16.07.2017 113 просмотров

Kazakhstan club "Astana Arlans" won a strong-willed victory over the team "Cuba Doadores" in the final of the seventh season of the World Series of Boxing (WSB), reports.

The outcome of the confrontation was decided in the  additional, 11th bout in weight category up to 52 kilograms, where Olzhas Bainiyazov and Frank Zaldivar met. In  this pair was won by a Kazakhstani boxer, who  brought "arlans" victorious, sixth point (6-5). At the same time, in the course of the final "Astana Arlans" was inferior in the score 2-5 and was one step away from defeat.

Thus, "Astana Arlans" for the third time in its history became the champion and the most titled WSB club. Before this final, on the arlans» and Cubans had two championships each.

In as part of the newly minted champions,  also won their fights in the finals — Aslanbek Shymbergenov, Zakir Safiullin, Olzhas Bokaev, Temirtas Zhusupov and Ilyas Suleimenov.

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