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Asian Road Cycling Championship to be hosted by Tashkent

25.01.2019 124 просмотров

Preparations for the competitions, which will be held in April, were discussed at the mayor's office of the Uzbek capital.

Negotiations were held there with foreign experts on the organization of the Asian Cycling Championship among men, women, juniors, disabled people, the press service noted.

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Recall that back in December last year, the state of roads in the Tashkent region, on which competitions will be held, the delegation headed by the President of the Asian Cycling Confederation Osam Ahmed Abdullah al Shafar estimated.

The first day of the marathon - April 22 - is planned to be held in Gazalkent. Then the athletes will go from the International Hotel Tashkent to the Charvak reservoir.

About 600 cyclists from 40 countries of the continent will come to the championship in Uzbekistan. Winners will be announced April 28th.

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