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Asian Games torch arrives in Jakarta

15.08.2018 65 просмотров

This was the end of his 18,000-kilometer tour of Asia. 

The meeting of the symbolic fire was held in a solemn atmosphere. The torchbearers were greeted by musicians and dancers. On August 18, the fire is expected to arrive at the Gelora Bung Karno stadium, where the opening ceremony of the XVIII Asian Games will take place. 

About a month ago, the fire was lit in Delhi, the city that hosted the first Asian Games in 1951 . Then his path ran through 54 cities. In total, the torch covered over 18 thousand kilometers, and 10 thousand people became its torchbearers. The organizers expect that about a million people will be able to see the torch during their trip to Indonesia. 

XVIII Asian Games will be held in Jakarta from August 18 to September 2. About 11,000 athletes from 45 Asian countries will take part in the competition. 

/culture_and_resting/prezident-indonezii-prisoedinilsya-k-tantsu-v-kotorom-uchastvovalo-65-tysyach-chelovek/?sphrase_id=3943%20">Great attention is paid in Indonesia to the upcoming Games. 

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