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An athlete from Kyrgyzstan became the world champion in Thai boxing

20.03.2018 130 просмотров

The Muay Thai World Championship was held from 11 to 19 March in the Thai capital Bangkok, it was attended by representatives of 44 countries.

An athlete from Kyrgyzstan, Aibike Isayeva, won a gold medal at the WMA Muay Thai (Thai boxing) world championship in the weight category up to 67 kilograms. President of the Thai Boxing Federation of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan Syrgak Aitaliev told journalists about this.

According to him, the world championship was held from 11 to 19 March in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. It was attended by fighters from 44 countries, including three representatives of Kyrgyzstan.

Aibike Isayeva defeated athletes from Egypt and Tunisia. Her compatriot Sergey Smirnov defeated a boxer from Brazil, competing with him in the weight category up to 91 kilograms, but then lost to the Frenchman and, as a result, was awarded the bronze medal of the World Championship.

“Now we are preparing for the tournament, which will take place in May in Uzbekistan,” added Syrgak Aitaliev, who has been raising Thai boxing champions in Kyrgyzstan for 20 years.

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