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'Amazing Muay Thai' released in Thailand

30.09.2019 132 просмотров

This guide will be useful to tourists who want to get acquainted with this ancient martial art.

The catalog contains a large amount of information that is intended for foreign travelers and Muay Thai fans. In particular, you can find out where Muay Thai matches are held and where lessons are given in this type of martial arts. Muay Thai fans will also be able to find out where to purchase the appropriate equipment.

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About 80 sports muay thai halls all over thailand. It also contains a list of gyms, shops selling sports equipment - shorts, gloves, a headdress (or "mongkhon"), various souvenirs and much more.

In addition, the directory contains information about salons where you can get a tattoo with muay thai symbols. The catalog can be downloaded as an e-book.

Muay Thai is a Thai martial art that is very popular all over the world. 

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