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All Russian athletes are allowed to participate in the Paralympics

20.02.2022 117 просмотров

FMBA allowed all Russian Paralympic athletes to Games in Beijing.

Based on the results of a survey by the Federal Medical and Biological Agency (FMBA) of Russia, all Russian Paralympic athletes are allowed to participate in the Paralympic Games in Beijing. This was reported by the press service of the FMBA.

It is reported that on February 18, a meeting was held with medical workers of the FMBA -members of the Paralympic delegation of Russia. The meeting was held via videoconference chaired by the head of the FMBA of Russia Veronika Skvortsova.

“We gathered with you to sum up the most significant moments in the  preparation for departure, which are associated with a chain of anti-epidemic measures, which should create conditions for the athlete to be allowed to competitions for the opportunity to realize and show their skills and strength, - said Veronica  ;Skvortsova. — These events include accompanying the final training camp, testing, which must be carried out in laboratories included in the list accredited by Beijing, and, of course, this is the transit of athletes to the Paralympic Games. The first and  most important area  is the need to make sure that everyone remains uninfected, which is a very complex multi-component task. The second point is the psychological worries of athletes due to the fear of getting a positive result, which affects the weakening of concentration during the training process and requires the help of our psychologists.

“Based on the results of an in-depth medical examination, all athletes are allowed to participate in the Paralympic Games, all athletes who do not have medical contraindications have been vaccinated,” said the deputy head of the department for organizing medical support for sports teams and competitions of the FGBU FNKCSM FMBA of Russia Andrey Litvinenko. Litvinenko also paid special attention to the need for correct and timely filling in of medical documentation and entering the relevant data into the  my2022 application, since inattention when filling out the forms may cause the organizers to refuse admission to to participate in the Games.

The Beijing Paralympic Games will be held from 4 to 13 March. Russian para-athletes will take part in all sports included in the program of the Paralympic games. A total of 78 sets of medals in six sports will be played.

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