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All athletes to be vaccinated against coronavirus ahead of Tokyo Games

23.01.2021 188 просмотров

The IOC plans to vaccinate all athletes participating in the Tokyo Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) intends to vaccinate against the coronavirus among all athletes who will take part in the Tokyo Olympics in order to guarantee the holding of the Games. This was reported by the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

This idea is being developed by the IOC jointly with the World Health Organization (WHO). Earlier it was reported that vaccination would be voluntary. According to the publication, the IOC is in talks with the organizers of COVAX, a WHO mechanism designed to guarantee equal access to vaccines. Vaccine distribution through COVAX is expected to start in early February.

According to the executive director of the British Olympic Association, Andy Anson, the IOC sets one of the important goals to vaccinate representatives of "small" countries. “I think they will continue to work on this to make the vaccine as accessible as possible to anyone who plans to visit Japan. Now plans are being developed so that all 206 members of the IOC can access it,” he said.

On Friday, the British newspaper The Times, citing a source in the government of Japan, reported that within the country's leadership the private conclusion was  that the Tokyo Games must be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Later, the Japanese authorities denied this information.

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