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Alexander Bolshunov brought the Russian team the sixth Olympic gold

19.02.2022 64 просмотров

The gold medal was the third for Alexander Bolshunov at the Beijing Games.

Russian skier Alexander Bolshunov won the gold medal in the mass start at the Beijing Olympics.

Initially, the athletes had to run a 50-kilometer marathon, but due to bad weather conditions, the distance of the race was reduced to 28.4 km. Alexander Bolshunov covered the distance in 1 hour 11 minutes 32.7 seconds. Russian Ivan Yakimushkin took second place (5.5 seconds back), while Norwegian Siemen Kruger finished third (+7.0). Russian Artem Maltsev took fourth place (+10.7), Denis Spitsovbecame sixth (+26.2).

Alexander Bolshunov< /b> won a fifth medal at the Beijing Olympics, having previously won gold in the skiathlon and relay, and won silver in the 15 km time trial and bronze in the team sprint.

Alexander Bolshunov < /b>25 years old, he represents the Dynamo Society.Alexander Bolshunov is the world champion in skiathlon, the first skier in Russia to win the Olympic Games, the World Championship and the overall standings of the World Cup. In total, he has nine Olympic awards - three gold, four silver and two bronze.

25-year-old Ivan Yakimushkin won the first Olympic medal. He is the silver medalist of the World Championship in the relay.

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