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Alexander Bolshunov became the winner of the Yugra ski marathon

10.04.2021 148 просмотров

Skier Bolshunov became the winner of the Yugra marathon.

World ChampionAlexander Bolshunovbecame the winner of the Ugra ski marathon at a distance of 50 km freestyle, which took place in Khanty-Mansiysk.

The athlete covered the distance in 2 hours 5 minutes 19.7 seconds. The second was Raul Shakirzyanov (2:07.05.3), the third was Nikita Porshnev (2:07.32.6). The 2014 Olympic champion Alexander Legkov took seventh place (2:11.29.1), two-time world champion Sergey Ustyugov — 27th (2:24.38.2).

In the women's marathon, the silver medalist of the 2021 World Championship Tatiana Sorina won with a time of 2 hours 13 minutes 04.4 seconds. The second place was taken by Natalia Nepryaeva (2:20.31.0), the third was Yuliya Stupak (2:29.54.5).

all together, and after that I stepped forward a little. Then I decided to speed up a little, saw that the guys were lagging behind, and continued at my own pace, ”said Alexander Bolshunov after the finish.

Alexander Bolshunov is 24 years old, in the 2020/21 season, he won the World Cup for the second time in his career and won the prestigious Tour de Ski stage race, and also won the first gold medal of the World Championship (in skiathlon). At the recent Russian Championships in Tyumen, Alexander Bolshunov won four gold medals in the sprint race, skiathlon, team sprint and relay race.

The program of the Yugra marathon included three freestyle distances: 5, 25 and 50 km. In total, more than 2 thousand people came to the start. This year, for the first time, the organizers have exempted the participants from the registration fee, so that as many as possible would come to the start.

Every year, about 4,000 Russian and foreign guests and participants gather for this sporting event, including world and Olympic champions. games. In 2019, the Yugra Ski Marathon broke the record of a simultaneous mass start of participants in the 50 km race - more than 2.5 thousand people. In 2020, the Yugra authorities canceled the event due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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