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According to the results of the "Military Rally-2021", the Russian Guard entered the top three

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The military drivers of the Russian Guard took third place at the all-army stage of the Military Rally competition, held in Tuva as part of the International Army Games - 2021. In total, seven teams competed for the prizes of the tournament.

For four days, the crews of Ural and KamAZ trucks with 4x4 and 6x6 wheel formulas competed in four stages: individual race, pursuit race, firing stage and team race. The crew of the "Ural" of the National Guard with a 4x4 wheel arrangement, consisting of the driver, junior sergeant Alexander Savchenko and the navigator of the senior warrant officer Konstantin Volkhin, having shown the second result in the sum of the first two stages of the race, took the leading position during all the races. 

“At the most important stage, the team race, we had the Ural 4x4 as the lead car. It was a strategic decision, and our calculations turned out to be correct. Thanks to this, we have a chance to score the necessary points for a prize-winning place,” said Captain Vadim Zinoviev, senior team of the Russian Guard. 

armored vehicles "Tiger" competed in the accuracy of shooting from a Kalashnikov machine gun. The SOBR fighters of the National Guard Department for the Republic of Tyva scored the same number of points with the representatives of the Central Military District team - the annual leaders in this discipline. The successful performance of the Tuvan National Guard also allowed the team of the department to be among the favorites of the competition. 

According to the results of all stages, the first place was awarded to the Western Military District, the military personnel of the Eastern Military District came second, the team of the Russian Guard won the bronze. The closing ceremony of the "Military Rally - 2021" was held in the sculptural complex "Center of Asia" in Kyzyl. The awards to the winners and winners were solemnly presented by the Deputy Commander of the Siberian District of the Russian Guard, Major General Stanislav Lyubezny and the First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Tyva Oleg Bady.

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