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A unique equestrian marathon will be held in Mongolia

02.08.2019 109 просмотров

It is called "Aravt" and will be held as part of the "International Military Games-2019".

There were no marathons like this before in any country of the world. The competition starts tomorrow. They are organized at the Armed Forces training center.

Russian motorized infantry moved to horses
by command
The "International War Games" are the fifth in a row. At the initiative of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, this year they are held simultaneously in 10 countries from August 3 to 17. The participants will be 6,000 servicemen from almost 40 countries.  

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Mongolia noted that the equestrian marathon is not a sporting event, but a tournament of professional servicemen. They will demonstrate their skills and abilities. 

The marathon will help strengthen military cooperation between countries, servicemen will be able to exchange experiences and promote their national military traditions, the General Staff noted.

Security at the Games will be ensured rescuers and healthcare organization under the General Directorate of Emergency Situations of Mongolia. 

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