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A student from Adygea is preparing to run 560 km in three days

22.01.2019 38 просмотров

During this marathon, he will not make long stops and sleep.

Vitaly Didenko, a 5th year student of the Institute of Physical Culture and Judo of the Adyghe State University, intends to break the record of the American Dean Karnasis, who in 2005 ran 560 kilometers without sleep in 80 hours and 44 minutes.

Russia will host the first
ski ultramarathon

Vitaly has been professionally involved in athletics for 15 years, he has repeatedly won national and international competitions.

Three years ago he ran distance of 200 km, in 2017 he took part in one of the most difficult races in world - IRONMAN, which took place in Sochi. In 12 hours, the athletes had to swim almost 4 km, ride 180 km on a bike and run a marathon distance of 42 km.

Now Vitaly Didenko is actively preparing for the upcoming race, training for four hours a day. In a month, the intensity of the loads will double.
The start of the 560-kilometer sleepless marathon is scheduled for early spring. On the track, the athlete will be accompanied by a cyclist, who will have to film everything that happens on video and broadcast the recording to the network in live mode.

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