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A Russian woman became the leader in kayaking in the UAE

29.04.2019 69 просмотров

Milena Mitic was among the winners of the Hatta Women's Kayak competition, which took place over the weekend in Dubai.

The first such competition in the region was organized by the Women's Sports Committee of the Emirate Sports Council. Competitions were held at two distances - 700 and 1200 meters. Mitic won the longest distance with a time of 12 minutes and 32 seconds.

< b> Approved world record
of a Russian swimmer in China
President of the Women's Sports Committee Lamia Abdulaziz Khan noted that even more sports competitions for the fair sex are planned in the near future. In particular, it is planned to hold triathlon competitions in Dubai and cycling competitions among women in the Al Marmoom desert.

The Sports Council of the Emirati city has been actively using the rich opportunities of the Hatta mountain region for 10 years. A large number of competitions were organized here as part of the annual programs.

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