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A mass gathering of bikers will be held in Tashkent

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It will be held tomorrow in the capital's park of culture and recreation "Ankhor-Lokomotiv".

The charity event is called "21 Tashkent kilometers" and is dedicated to the opening of the motorcycle season in Uzbekistan. Bikers from Russia and Central Asian countries will come to the capital of the republic. The rally will begin with the passage of a festive column of motorcycles through the city.

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visit the performances of creative teams in the park of culture and recreation. The purpose of the action is to develop extreme tourism in the republic and improve the image of Uzbekistan on the world stage.

It should be noted that in Tashkent there is a Free Association of Bikers, which was established in April 2007. Last year, the motorcycle season in the republic was also opened on April 1 with a charity event. More than 200 bikers from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan became participants.

Recall that parade of retro cars. It was attended by about 10 motorists. This is not the first such event in the capital of Uzbekistan. The year before last, more than 20 cars and 12 motorcycles, 55-60 years have passed since the release of which, were shown at the exhibition of retro cars in the Uzexpocentre of the city.

The audience was presented with the famous military lorry (GAZ-MM), compact Moskvichs, chic Chaikas, Volga and Pobeda. Motorcycle enthusiasts were able to look at the rare Verkhovina and Riga-16 mopeds, as well as the Soviet Moskva and Minsk M103 and some foreign models.

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